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    PBIS at Lowes Island
    Lowes Island Leopards are Ready, Respectful, and Responsible 

    What is PBIS?

    “PBIS” is short for Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports. It is a county-wide behavioral framework to support students and staff so ALL students can achieve success. Students are expected to be ready, respectful, and responsible at all times. Please see the PBIS matrix for more information. Here are the components you will see at Lowes Island:

    • Awesome Pawsomes- These are recognition stickers that students receive from any staff member for exemplary demonstration of one of the 3 R's (ready, respectful, and responsible behaviors). The student's name will be announced on the morning news show.
    • Leading Leopards- Each month, all students who have received an Awesome Pawsome will be entered into a drawing for "Leading Leopard." One student per grade level will be randomly selected. Those students will have their picture taken with Mrs. Brooks and Mr. Shafferman to be displayed on a special bulletin board.
    • Hallway "Hall of Fame"- Classes found demonstrating exemplary hallway behavior can be recognized by staff members and receive a sticker on the school-wide chart in the lobby. Each month, the classes that have received stickers will be announced on the morning news show.
    • Silver Spoon Award-Each day in the cafeteria, classes are scored based on their behavior in 5 areas ( voice level, staying seated, following directions, cleaning up, lining up). Classes can receive a daily maximum of 5 points. At the end of each month, classes who meet or exceed a mystery number of points will have their names announced on the morning news show and receive a silver spoon trophy for their door. Winning classes will vote on a special reward to celebrate. 

     How does PBIS impact student success at Lowes Island? 

    When operating under the PBIS framework, staff will teach, model, and reinforce expectations. Everyone in our school community speaks a common language and understands what is expected. Students having difficulty are supported through a collaborative team approach. Our goal is to keep all students safe and learning in a respectful environment.


    How will PBIS benefit our school?

    PBIS offers:

    • a proactive and consistent approach to school-wide discipline which will assist in improved student achievement.
    • teaches and reinforces appropriate behaviors.
    • provides data to assess needs and make informed decisions.
    • provides increased feedback and support to staff.
    • creates consistent language and expectations across all school areas 

    Ultimately, PBIS implementation provides a decrease in addressing challenging behaviors which thereby increases overall instructional time.


    How can I obtain additional information about Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports?

    For more information, please contact Stefanie LaPolla, Behavior Support Coordinator, at 571-252-1572 or via email at Stefanie.LaPolla@lcps.org.