• Ram Pals 2017-18
    Welcome to the Ram Pals Club web page.  Thanks for stopping by! 
    We are a service club pairing students with special needs with a pal to encourage friendship and acceptance at Riverside High School. 
     2017-18 Club Officers:                                 Club Sponsors:
    Madeline Liesman, President                                  Mrs. Matyuf    (susan.matyuf@lcps.org)                                                                            
    Alexa Rehmat, VP Club                                           Ms. Flanagan     (madison.flanagan @lcps.org)
    Lane Newland, VP Operations                                                 
    Erin Salva, VP Events
    Claire Price, VP Social Club   
    What do Ram Pals do?            Game Day    Volleyball Game  mummy wrap Lunch Buddies
          Game Days
             Autism Awareness Month
                 Riverside Cafe
                      HOPE Dance
                                            Athletic Events