BYOT stands for Bring Your Own Technology, and means students are able to use technology their family owns while at school.   Although any device will be helpful, devices which allow the student to create content (Netbooks, Chromebooks, laptops, tablets) and which have a keyboard are best suited, and often less expensive than devices designed for consumption (cell phones), but both types of device are acceptable.  
    Students will connect their devices to Arcola’s wireless network, and use them for academic purposes only.  BYOT will be in all LCPS schools during the 2016-2017 school year.

    Participating in BYOT is optional and should be a decision made by individual families. Students who do not bring devices will be provided with a device to use in the classroom, which ensures that all students will be able to participate.

    All students (whether they are participating in BYOT or not) need to fill out and sign the LCPS Acceptable Use Policy.  This is necessary for all students who will be using any kind of technology this year. (This form was sent home in the first day packet and was on a salmon colored piece of paper this year.)