PBIS for Students at Lucketts




    • School Motto: Practice Respect and Responsibility in Daily Environments.  This is how we show our PRIDE at school. It is practiced on the morning show every Monday.


    • You use the school-wide matrix to practice Respect and Responsibilty at School in 7 areas:  


      *Cafeteria, bus, use of technology, Hallway, Restrooms, Playground & Classroom/Specials


    • Lucketts Loot:  Lucketts Loot is given out by using a grade level point system (ex: tally marks or class dojo points) for going above and beyond school expectations. A check is written out to you each week with the loot you earned. You can cash the check in the loot bank 2 times a week at lunch and SAVE, SPEND, or DONATE your loot earned. Donations will be a $10 bag of non -perishable food made in your name to the Lucketts Food bank. If you donate your name will be written on a food bag cut out that will be put up on the cafeteria wall in your honor.


    • Mystery Walker (MW):  Mystery Walker is used to promote our RED Zone in the hallways. Each teacher class picks a MW for the day (or splits the day and has 2). If the MW does a great job in the halls you are revealed and celebrated by your class and your name will go up on the MW board. If the MW is not successful in the RED zone no name is revealed