• Summary:

    The Varsity Club is a community service club whose mission is to teach student-athletes the importance of leadership, service and mentorship. 

    • Members of the Varsity Club must have ALREADY earned a letter from a High School VARSITY Athletic Team.
    • Varsity Club members are required to earn 15 hours each year.  This includes 7 club meetings and at least 8 hours of in-club service activities.
    • Each member is allowed 2 unexcused absences before dismissal
    • Dues are $15 per year. 

    2020-2021 Club Members


    Varsity Club 20-21


    Club Communication

    Remind Account: 

    Twitter:              rvhsvarsityclub

    Instagram:          rvhsvarsityclub 


    Kevin Weeren

    Assistant Athletic Director

    Riverside HS


     2021-22 Leadership Team:                     

     2021-22 Leaders     

    President, Lauren Chi

    Vice-President, Cole Jones

    Secretary, Kayla Rucker

    2020-21 Schedule

    9/2      Interest Meeting             8:45 in Main Gym

    9/10    Deadline to complete enrollment doc and pay dues

    9/21    1st General Meeting      8:30 am in Main Gym

    10/13  2nd General Meeting     8:30 am in Main Gym


    USE THE LINK TO PRINT OUT TIME SHEETS >>> Volunteer Time Sheets


    1) Newton-Lee Mentors Program 

    Description: This program helps promote the importance of academic performance to elementary students.  Participants are assigned to a classroom teacher.

     Click here for: Mentor Schedule


    2) Special Olympics

    Description: Volunteers will work a group of Special Olympics as partners.  We will begin working with athletes on various sports until basketball and Track and Field programs begin.


    Pics from 2021 Track Meet (goto Unified Track)




    VIDEO 2018 Tournament Highlights  (Thanks Mitch Pehlke!)


    3) Belmont Mentors

    Description: members will be assigned a Belmont Ridge student as a Mentee.


    4) Athletic Helper

    Description: Volunteers with assist with the concession stand during athletic events once sports have returned.