• Course Overview



       Math 8 is intended to serve two purposes. First, to review or extend concepts and skills learned in previous grades. Second, to prepare students for more abstract concepts in algebra and geometry. All students are expected to have prior knowledge of the concepts introduced in Math 7.  Math 8 is designed so that a student will meet the standards of learning set forth by the Commonwealth of Virginia.  The Standards of Learning (SOL) end of the course exam will be given at the end of Math 8.  Throughout the course, students will study the following topics:  number and number sense, computation, estimation, measurement, geometry, probability, statistics, patterns, functions, and algebra.


    First Nine Weeks


    Real Number System

    Order of Operations

    Evaluating Expressions



    Third Nine Weeks


    Area and Perimeter

    Volume and Surface Area

    Angle Relationships

    Pythagorean Theorem


    Second Nine Weeks



    Equations & Properties



    Slope & Y-Intercept

    Fourth Nine Weeks





    SOL Review

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