• My name is Cheyre Estep and I am the self-contained math teacher for 6th grade. This is my fifth year at Smart's Mill. I have been working in education for 29 years. I have been working in Loudoun County for thirteen years. I earned a BS and a MS from James Madison University, and an Ed.D from Shenandoah University.  I am a nationally board certified teacher in special education, and I am endorsed in Middle School Math and English.
    Welcome to Math 6!
    Daily agenda, resources and links are posted in Schoology.
    Grades will be updated through Parent Vue and Student Vue. I encourage your student to check Student Vue often.

    The following topics will be covered:

    6.1  Ratios

    6.2  FDP Conversions and Comparisons

    6.5  Fractions/Decimals Operations and Applications

    6.12  Proportions (Continued Into Quarter 2)

    6.3  Integers 

    6.8  Graphing (? tie in proportion examples of 1st Quadrant)

    6.4  Exponents and Perfect Squares

    6.6  Integer Operations

    6.13  Equations

    6.14  Inequalities

    6.7  Geometry

    6.9  Congruent Polygons

    6.10  Circle Graphs

    6.11  Central Tendency