• Pizana

    Mrs. Ruby Pizana MEd

    Contact Information:

    Phone: 540 571 2500

    Email: ruby.pizana@lcps.org


    Mrs. Ruby Pizana, Learning Specialist

    Mrs. Pizana is a learning specialist with concentration in math content at Harmony Middle School. She teaches Pre Algebra and resource classes. She has a Bachelor and Masters degree in education, has more than 30 years of teaching experience and has been teaching in Harmony Middle School for 17 years. She has several experience teaching different grade levels from elementary to high school. She enjoys music, reading, cooking and travelling in and outside the country.

    Staying Informed

    Content teachers upload their assignment regularly in their websites. Please check with your child's content area teachers' site.

    Parents, you can receive Guardian Summaries from Classroom about your child's progress. If you have not received an invitation from me within the first full week of school with your child's name and mine on it, please email me.

    Grades are posted in Phoenix, which you can access through ParentVue

    Here are handouts, study guides, and directions for projects. This folder would be set as Public so students and parents can access what is in there without signing in.

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