• In order to ensure a successful exchange of information, we encourage you to follow these guidelines when you have a question or concern. In order to best direct your communication and to ensure a prompt reply, use the quick reference guide below.  The best mode of contact for teachers and staff members is email; reference the staff member's webpage for contact information.  If email is not possible, call the main office at 703-722-2680 to leave a message for a staff member.  Please allow for two (2) business days for a response from the staff member.  


    Academic Performance

    Your student's teacher is the best person to answer questions or address concerns regarding your student's academic performance or progress.  Teachers possess first-hand knowledge about classroom expectations, lessons, and assessments, and can provide the closest perspective on your student's progress in the class.  Teachers will make every effort to respond as soon as possible to parent communications, with the understanding that the instructional day may preclude immediate responses.


    Broad Scheduling Questions and/or College and Career Preparation

    Your student's counselor is available to assist you with scheduling a parent/teacher conference after you have been in contact with the teacher regarding your questions or concerns.  Counselors can also assist you with four-year planning, college and career preparation, and guidance regarding social interactions at school. Direct these types of questions and concerns to your student's counselor.


    Additional Inquiries Not Addressed Above

    Reference the JCHS Quick Reference Guide to assist you in directing your question or concern to the appropriate point of contact.