• Mrs. Donohue

    Mrs. Donohue

    English 8 and English SALT

    Mrs. Meghann Donohue, English 8 Teacher

    Mrs. Meghann Donohue is a proud graduate of the University of Virginia. In 2002, she finished her B.A. in English and her Masters of Teaching. Timing was fortunate, and she was able to join Harmony when it opened in the fall of 2002. In 2007 and again in 2017, she achieved National Board Certification, which is a voluntary teacher certification process, much like certifying as a doctor or lawyer. For more information, go to www.nbpts.org.

    Mrs. Donohue has two children, lives locally, and loves swimming, crocheting, coloring, and reading.


    1st block -- CLT Planning

    2nd block -- English 8H

    3rd block -- English 8

    4th block -- English 8H

    5th block -- Planning

    6th block -- English 8H

    7th block -- English 8

    8th block -- English 8

    ** Good times to contact me are during my planning periods. Please give me 36 hours to respond to emails.**

    Staying Informed

    I will be posting my assignments in Schoology. The easiest way to access this is to go to LCPS Go. The grades for all assignments will appear in Schoology first, and then will update within 24 hours to Phoenix. The grades in Phoenix represent the official record. You can access Phoenix through ParentVue.

    For more information about me, please feel free to watch my Back To School Night video from 2020.

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