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  • English 8 Teacher

    Mrs. Donohue
     English Subject Area Lead Teacher
    Literacy Journey Co-Facilitator
    VDOE Excellence in Co-Teaching Demonstration Site Teacher
    Shenandoah Valley Writing Project Teacher Consultant
    NBCT '07 and '17
     Harmony Hornet
     Mrs. Donohue
    Mrs. Meghann Donohue is a proud graduate of the University of Virginia.  In 2002, she finished her B.A. in English and her Masters of Teaching.  Timing was fortunate, and she was able to join Harmony when it opened in the fall of 2002.  In 2007 and again in 2017, she achieved National Board Certification, which is a voluntary teacher certification process, much like certifying as a doctor or lawyer.  For more information, go to 
    Homework Policy:  Homework in 8th grade English is reading for 30 minutes a night, 5 nights a week.  In addition, students are expected to complete writing at home, as needed.  Both of these expectations play a role in future assessments.
    Any additional information on assignments will be found on her Google classroom page for each block.  
    Retake Policy:  All written assignments are eligible for revision for a higher grade.  In order for the writing to be considered for regrading, students must use teacher feedback to make significant changes, and turn it back in by the expressed due date.  The writing must have with it the original draft, as well as the rubric with the original grade.  

     Course Information
    Google Classroom - You will need a class code.
    1st block - English 8 H
    2nd block - English 8
    3rd block - English 8 with Mrs. Weis
    4th block - Planning
    5th block - English 8 with Mrs. Weis
    6th block - Planning
    7th block - Planning
    8th block - English 8 H
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    All of our assignments and resources for those assignments are in Google classroom.
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