Welcome to Ms. Litzenberg's Social Studies corner!


    Ms. Litzenberg (please call me Ms. Litz, its much easier) will be teaching 7th grade history this year. She is excited to incorporate fun activities and technology in the classroom, giving students the opportunity personalize their learning and make social studies become every students FAVORITE subject!


    A little about Ms. Litzenberg: She graduated from a small town, Kenton, Ohio. From there, she pursued her social studies education degree at Kent State University (we will be learning about Kent in 7th grade history this spring). After finishing a Bachelor's degree (and moving from Ohio to Virginia), Ms. Litzenberg discovered she missed being a student and returned to school at Shenandoah University to pursue a Master's degree in Applied Behavior Analysis (or the science of what people do and why they do it). After completing internships in Frederick and Clarke Counties, Ms. Litzenberg began her career at Sterling Middle School as a special education teacher and switched back to her first passion: Social Studies! 

    When Ms. Litzenberg is not at school, sharing her encyclopedia of history facts, she spends time with her husband, her two crazy dogs (both named after historical figures of course!), and her precious baby boy who just turned 1 in June. 


    I look forward to working with you and challenging you to be yourt best this year! 

    Have a great summer!