• Grading Policy:

    • Grades will consist of Formative and Summative grades.
    • Classwork, Homework, and Quizzes will be Formative grades.
    • Unit Tests, Quarter Tests, and Projects will be Summative grades. A study guide will be provided before each test.
    • Assignments will be graded as points earned for the assignment.


    · Students may choose to retake a summative assessment. If a student scores a 69% or below they are expected to retake the assessment.

    · Labs, classwork or summative assessments worth 10 points or less are not eligible for a retake.

    · The student will receive the higher of the two assessment scores. Scores will not be averaged.

    · Teachers have autonomy to determine the designated remediation work and/or approved reteaching session. Remediation work and reteaching should not be so cumbersome that students will not complete the task.

    · The retake must be a different assessment than the original and can take any format that the teacher wishes.

    · The student will have the opportunity for one retake only per assessment.

    · All retakes must be completed in the same quarter in which the assessments are given. Teachers have until the final grades are due for that quarter to have students complete retakes.

    · Teachers have the autonomy to allow students (on a case-by-case basis) the opportunity to take a retake should they perceive the need.