Happy Summer !!!


    I hope that all of you are having a wonderful summer! Enjoy the time with your family and your friends. During the summer, I love going to the beach with my family and attending outdoor concerts and activities. I've got a long list of non-fiction books (which are my favorite!) to read over the summer. The Sterling Library is right across the street and is a fantastic place to get some books. 

    Take some time this summer to relax. Learn about something new. Explore the great things that there are to do in this area. I'm a fan of Claude Moore Park. 

    Before you know it, we will be returning to Sterling MS. It's going to be a great year. However, there is plenty of time to get outside, relax, and eat ice cream! I am excited about my new position as the School-Based Instructional Facilitator at Sterling MS and am thrilled by the opportunity to work with the teachers next year. See you in August.

    Happy Summer!
    Mr. Jason Ott

    Email: jason.ott@lcps.org