• Welcome back, Pioneers!  Mrs. Dodd is thrilled to be starting her 3rd year at Sterling Middle School.   She brings 21 years of experience to Sterling with 14 years as a classroom teacher, 2 years as a Principal, and 5 years as a curriculum and program developer.  Prior to working in Loudoun County, Mrs. Dodd lived in Jacksonville, Florida with her husband and two children who attend Trailside Middle School. 


    Mrs. Dodd has earned a Bachelor of Liberal Arts with a major in Art History, a Master of Liberal Arts with a focus on Interdisciplinary Programming, and a Master of Education in Elementary and Secondary Education. Her educational philosophy is grounded in metacognition. Teaching students to think about their own thinking develops their ability to think deeply and analyze, therefore, making knowledgeable choices when met with an obstacle in life.  


    Mrs. Dodd believes that learning is a lifelong process and she hopes to impart a sense of curiosity to explore and learn new things as her students become active thinkers, readers, and writers.  


    Please find below Mrs. Dodd's contact information as well as the link to ParentVUE where you may access Mrs. Dodd's calendar, assignments, and messages. 


    Mrs. Deborah A. Dodd, M.Ed; MLA


    ParentVUE login: https://www.lcps.org/site/Default.aspx?PageID=86665