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    Welcome to Mr. Wilke's Webpage
    8th Grade Civics 
    Mr. Wilke is a Sterling native who attended Seneca Ridge Middle School during the 2001-2002 school year. He then attended River Bend when it opened the following year and eventually Potomac Falls High School. In 2012, he graduated from Longwood University with a Bachelor's Degree of Arts in History: Social Science Secondary Education and a minor in Political Science.
    Mr. Wilke student taught in Amelia County, Richmond City, Prince William County, and his home Loudoun.  During this time, he greatly enjoyed the middle school level because of the many unique qualities that the age group brings to the table.
    Before beginning to work full-time at SRMS in 2016, he was a substitute teacher at Dominion High School among many other LCPS locations. Mr. Wilke is proud to be a Thunderbolt again and looks forward to exploring the multifaceted themes of United States government and their impact on the everyday lives of his students now and in the future.
    In his free time, Mr. Wilke enjoys watching the sports of baseball, hockey, football, and basketball and dives into managing fantasy teams of all four.  He plays in an adult softball league once a week in the spring and fall and tries very hard not to pull or strain a muscle while doing so by remembering to stretch beforehand.  Building his collection of movies and music, attending live concerts, and being with his wife and son occupies his time outside of Seneca Ridge.
    Mr. Wilke sponsors the Programming Club which meets every Wednesday after school and he proudly supports SRMS activities whenever he can.  Just make sure to let him know when and where an event is happening so he can arrive promptly.
    You may contact Mr. Wilke at any time via his email.



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