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    The Minority Student Achievement Advisory Committee (MSAAC) is tasked to: 
    • Advise the local school system of the educational and cultural needs of the minority student. 
    • Cultivate an equitable educational experience for all students that will positively impact achievement gaps.  
    • Submit periodic reports and recommendations on how to improve the minority students' educational experience
    • Create a forum of safe and respectable communication between parents, teachers and administrators.
    • Help parents and educators collectively understand the importance of nurturing a climate of cultural sensitivity in an academic/social environment that is increasing in diversity each year.
    • Facilitate an environment where teachers and parents can recognize, honor and teach when differences exist.
    MSAAC is comprise of one delegate from every school within Loudoun County Public Schools.  
    MSAAC is dedicated to further the academic, social and cultural development of every student and to ensure that the needs of all minority students are met.  
    MSAAC is committed to developing school cultures that create a learning environment where every minority student is afforded the opportunity to achieve their full potential and is recognized as an integral member of the student body.  
    MSAAC is striving to ensure that the LCPS community is culturally competent and provides fair and equitable instruction to all LCPS students.
    Supporters of MSAAC also include parents, educators, administrators, business representatives and other interested community groups.      
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