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    Ms. Garrison

    This is Ms. Garrison's 32nd year of teaching. This is her 14th year with Loudoun County. She was a Gifted Resource Teacher in Frederick County, VA. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Education from Berea College, a Master's Degree in Middle School Mathematics from Walden University, and an endorsement in Gifted Education from Shenandoah University. She currently teaches Math 6.

    Sandy Garrison
    updated for 2017-18
    Mrs. Garrison is available for help or retesting 3 times a day.  You may come in to room C13 at 8:15 am, during lunch by appointment only, or during your resource. A pass is needed for lunch and for resource.
    Class Information
    Topics to be covered for the first 9 weeks
    1.  Understanding Rational Numbers SOL 6.2
    2.  Represent proportional relationships between 2 quantities SOL 6.12
    3.  Ratios SOL 6.1
    4.  Pi as a ratio SOL 6.10a
    5.  Fractions, decimals, and percents SOL 6.2
    6.  Multiple Representations of Multiplying and Dividing Fractions SOL 6.4
    7.  Multi-step Practical Problems with Fractions and Mixed Numbers SOL 6.6
    8.  Integers  - represent, order and absolute value SOL 6.3
    9. Exponents and perfect squares SOL 6.4
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