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    Ms. Garrison

    I'm Ms. Garrison and this my 33nd year of teaching with 15 of those in Loudoun County. I was a Gifted Resource Teacher in Frederick County, VA. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Education from Berea College, a Master's Degree in Middle School Mathematics from Walden University, and an endorsement in Gifted Education from Shenandoah University. I currently teach sixth grade classes of Math 6 and Foundations of Algebra. I am very excited to be start this year! 

    Sandy Garrison
    updated for 2020-2021
    I am available for help or retesting. My planning time is block 1-2 on Tuesday and Thursday. However, if another time is needed, just email and ask me. We will workout something.  You should have resource when I have planning. (I have another planning on Wednesday and Friday, but that time is set aside for me to plan with the other math 6 and Foundations of Algebra teachers. 
    Class Information
    • The following topics will be covered:

      6.1  Ratios

      6.2  FDP Conversions and Comparisons

      6.5  Fractions/Decimals Operations and Applications

      6.12  Proportions (Continued Into Quarter 2)

      6.3  Integers 

      6.8  Graphing (? tie in proportion examples of 1st Quadrant)

      6.4  Exponents and Perfect Squares

      6.6  Integer Operations

      6.13  Equations

      6.14  Inequalities

      6.7  Geometry

      6.9  Congruent Polygons

      6.10  Circle Graphs

      6.11  Central Tendency 
     Topics to be covered  for Foundations of Algebra

    Quarter 1

    Number Sense and Computation

    Compare and order rational numbers

    Scientific Notation

    Square roots of perfect squares

    Absolute Value

    Integer Operations

    Quarter 2

    Patterns, Functions, and Algebra Continuation of Integer Operations

    The Coordinate System

    Slope of a Line

    Order of Operations Review

    Translating Expressions

    Evaluating Expressions

    Quarter 3

    Proportional Reasoning and Similarity

    Probability and Statistics

    Quarter 4

    Measurement and Geometry

    Angles and Pythagorean Theorem


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