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  •  (Math 6 & 7) Ms. Kerry Smith

    Ms. Smith  
     Harmony Hornet

    Welcome to Math 6 & 7! I am pleased to have you

    with me for my third year teaching Math at Harmony

    Middle School. I am a JMU graduate where I earned

    my degree in Psychology and Middle School Education.

    I began teaching in Fairfax County almost 20 years ago

    where I taught 4th and 6th grades for several years

    before having my 4 children. After a long break from

    full time teaching, I eagerly returned to the classroom

    two years ago, and I am looking forward to another

    fabulous year at Harmony!


    As for Math, I want you to know a few things...

    YES YOU CAN!!! You absolutely can "do Math", and this

    year we will further broaden your mind, stabilize your

    Math foundation, and build your confidence. YOU ARE

    A VALUABLE RESOURCE to our class whether you

    understand or are confused, so you will be expected to

    contribute and share no matter what! We all can and will

    learn from each other, me included!! Be prepared to

    question, look at things in new and different ways, and

    to appreciate the art of making mistakes. These are the

    ingredients to Math success!


    Can't wait to learn, problem-solve, and grow with you!



    Ms. Smith


    Email me anytime

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