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  •  Learning Specialist Grade 8 Teacher

    Mrs. Bowen
     Educational Affiliations
     Pennsylvania State University
    Shenandoah University
     Harmony Hornet
     Mrs. Susan Bowen
     Mrs. Bowen received her bachelor's degree from Pennsylvania State University and will complete her master's in education this December. This is her seventh year at Harmony Middle School. She facilitates student learning in Science, English, Civics, and Math.
     Course Information
    Google Classroom - Students are enrolled in class. Parents who would like updates may contact the teacher to request them.
    Block 1 - Planning - A14
    Block 2 - Resource - A14
    Block 3 - Science - A12
    Block 4 - Science - A8
    Block 5 - Planning - A14
    Block 6 - Science - A9
    Block 7 - Science - A12
    Block 8 - Reading Strategies - A13
     Class Resources
    All class resources can be found on Google Classroom.
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