Cool Spring Elementary is dedicated to providing a safe, caring, and positive school climate for all students. By following PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) we can teach students appropriate behaviors and provide supports necessary to sustain those behaviors.
       The goal of PBIS is to reduce challenging student behavior by providing a more positive, interactive, and consistent approach to behavior management. At Cool Spring our 3 anchors are; Respecting Ourselves, Respecting Others, and Respecting Property. Each morning our children recite the Cool Spring Promise which incorporates these anchors, and reminds students of our behavioral expectations. Through common language, teaching, and catching students being good, we are setting students up for success each day.
       Since incorporating P.B.I.S into our school, we have seen a decrease in negative behavior and students are being rewarded for earning their “fish” and “class penguins” on a more frequent basis. Below is a link to a PDF that provides a more detailed description of how P.B.I.S works at Cool Spring Elementary. Please take a look at our "P.B.I.S at home page" to get some information on how to incorporate the same expectations outside of school.
     In January 2017, 150 students in grades 3rd-5th grade were randomly selected to participate in an on-line climate survey made by the Research office of LCPS. Based on these results, and other data collecting tools, the PBIS committee at Cool Spring comes up with new plans to implement throughout the remainder of the year and into next year. We are excited to share that 90% of students feel that teachers care about their students at Cool Spring and that 95% of the students feel that students treat others with respect!!
    If you have any feedback, suggestions, or questions about our program, please email or call the chairs of PBIS at Cool Spring.
    Janine Piodela (School Counselor): janine.piodela@lcps.org 
    Lauren Isler (1st Grade Teacher): lauren.isler@lcps.org
Last Modified on September 10, 2018