•  Mark Ziminsky

    Mark Ziminsky teaches Computer Math and AP Calculus AB. He started at Champe in 2016 and in Loudoun County in 2013. Before going back to school for his Masters in Education at Mercy College in New York, Mr. Ziminsky worked as a Field Geophysicist in Nevada having earned a BS in Geophysics from the University of Binghamton, New York.
    Since high school, Mr. Ziminsky knew he wanted to eventually teach; after working in Nevada, it was his desire to be on the east coast that instigated the earlier-than-expected change to this career. He was born and raised in New York less than an hour from NYC and is a Giants fan (no he does not care for the Yankees). Mr. Ziminsky is looking forward to another successful year in Loudoun County.  

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    A3- Comp Math B7- AP Calc AB
    A4- Planning B8- Planning
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