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    Kerri Rosenzweig
    Department: Career & Technical Education
    Email: kerri.rosenzweig@lcps.org
    Room:  403
    Planning Block: 3rd and 6th
    Teacher Biography

    Welcome to the Marketing program at Freedom High School! Remember to join DECA--it's the most fun we have in school.

    I am a veteran marketing teacher in my third year at Freedom High School. This year I am teaching Advanced Marketing and Marketing. Grading Policies for CoOp (2 credit) and Non-CoOp (1 credit) are linked below. Please email me with any concerns you may have regarding your child at Kerri.Rosenzweig@lcps.org

    Both Marketing and Advanced Marketing can be 1 or 2 credit classes. The two credit CoOp option includes a job credit; students must have employment and work approximately 11 hours per week for the school year. The grading policy for each type of class is below.