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    This will be Mrs. Odorczyk's sixth year at Sterling Elementary School. She graduated from James Madison University in 2013 with a master's degree in Elementary Education, Pre-K to 6th, and an Algebra 1 endorsement. She began her teaching career at Sterling Elementary four years ago teaching fourth grade. Entering her fifth year, she sought to expand her impact on the school and continue her growth as an educator. In her new role, she supports individual teachers through coaching that provides feedback, and more importantly, develops capacity in teachers to set goals and grow in their practice. Along with these roles, she also supports grade level teams in developing best practices during common planning time. 

    Mrs. Odorczyk is orginally from Port Jefferson, NY. She grew up loving the ocean and having a strong passion for helping people. She was a lifeguard, swim instructor, and camp counselor for a total of six years. She now lives in Arlington where she enjoys hiking, cooking, baking, and exploring new places with her family! 


    Feel free to email Mrs. Odorczyk at dana.campo@lcps.org  

    To learn more about Mrs. Odorczyk's position, click the following document: Instructional Facilitator Model

    "The primary goal of instructional coaching is to enable teachers to implement scientifically proven instructional practices that respond directly to teachers' burning issues." Jim Knight, Instructional Coaching: A Partnership Approach to Improving Instruction, 2007