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     Social Sciences
    Caroline Houck is in her third year teaching at John Champe. Prior to teaching at Champe, she taught for three years in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Ms. Houck received her Bachelor of Science in Education from Millersville University and her Masters of Education in Instrutional Design and Technology from Western Governors University.  Ms. Houck also spent a semester abroad at London Metropolitan University. She is very excited for this upcoming school year and getting to know all of her students. 
    Within the first few weeks of school, Ms. Houck's name will change to Mrs. Hain. 

     Course Information
    Google Classroom
    This year online resources will be availble through google classrom. Access codes will be given to students in class and can also be located under "Google Classroom"
    Ms. Houck can be contacted at caroline.houck@lcps.org. She will respond within 48 hours during the school week. 
    A1- Planning    B5-  Planning
    A2- World History II B6- AP Human Geo
    A3- AP Human Geo B7- Advisory (2404)
    A4- World History II B8- AP Human Geo
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