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    Riverside Rams! Corinne Brandstetter barracudas
     Math / ELL
    Welcome to Ms. B’s class! I am thrilled to be joining the Ram Fam full time this year, in both the Math and ELL departments. This coming school year will be my third teaching for Loudoun. I have a BA from Rhodes College in Memphis, TN, an MA in TESOL from American University, and I completed my PhD coursework in theoretical linguistics at Georgetown University. In my former life I was an EFL teacher in France and a theoretical linguist teaching syntax to graduate students. In between those careers and this one, I stayed home with my children for 10 years. I have a 10 year-old daughter (5th) and a 13 year-old son (8th) who are also students in Loudoun. I spend my summers at the pool watching them swim.

    I will be teaching three sections of Algebra 1 this year (one with Ms. Wheeler), one section of Newcomer Math, and will be supporting our English Langauge Learners in World History 1 with Ms. Moorehead. All assignments can be found on Google Classroom. 

     My 2018-19 RVH Schedule:

    Block Course  Room Remind Code
    1st Algebra 1 w/ Ms. Wheeler  1210 @msb1alg
    2nd Algebra 1  1210 @msb2alg
    3rd   ELL Newcomer Math   L211 @rvhmath
    4th Department Planning  Math  
    5th Personal Planning SSGS  
    6th    World History 1 w/ Ms. Moorehead  L409 @c7kg384 
    7th  Algebra 1  1210 @msb7alg
    8th    ELL Study Hall  L215 @ellrvh
    The Riverside ELL Department now has a website! Come take a look at what our students are creating!!  

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