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    Ms. Bergel is a Loudoun County native. She graduated from Loudoun Valley High School. Upon graduating from James Madison University, she came home to teach: first at Loudoun County HS, then Centreville HS (in Fairfax), and now Riverside. Ms. Bergel also has a Masters in English and has taught at NOVA as an adjunct professor as well as consulted with AP-success organizations. Go Riverside Rams!

                                                  Mrs. Bergel’s Schedule – 2018-19 School Year



    NHS/Hall Duty


    Dual Enrollment English


    Dual Enrollment English


    AP English Lit and Comp


    Dual Enrollment English


    Department Planning




    AP English Lit and Comp


    Supplies: Please make sure you have loose-leaf paper in a three-ringed binder (2" minimum). You will also need sticky notes, flags, highlighters, dividers, pens, and pencils. All of these tools may be used in other classes too... You will also need to obtain - purchase, borrow, check out - ancillary texts when they are required.



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    OFFICE HOURS:   Mrs. Bergel is available every morning before school. Feel free to make an appt. as early as 8:30 a.m. She may stay after school with advanced planning... She works with students during her planning periods/duty period when meetings are not already scheduled, and she can work with students during lunch when time allows.