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    Let me begin by saying how excited and proud I am to be a Riverside Ram! I have been a teacher in Loudoun County for the past 7 years, but my career began in the year 2001 at a high school in Frederick County, Maryland. While Jefferson, Maryland continues to be my home, my journey has brought me to RVHS and the wonderful students of this community. I believe in students taking ownership of their learning experience, but I also believe it is my responsibility to provide them with the support, content knowledge, and tools that enable them to be successful throughout their educational career.  In my classroom, students will participate in collaborative teams in order to complete project based learning assessments that connect to real-world applications. Please feel to contact me with any questions. Go Rams! 

    My 2019-20 Schedule:

     1st USVA Government    5th USVA Government  
     2nd Psychology    6th USVA Government  
     3rd Planning    7th SCA  
     4th USVA Government    8th Department Planning  
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