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  •  Language Arts 7 Teacher

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     Harmony Hornet
     Mr. Binford
    Mr. Binford has been teaching English for 35 years.  He has his Bachelor of Science in Education with a minor in Communications from West Virginia University and is currently working on a Masters in Reading/Writing Workshop from George Mason University.  He taught one year in Fairfax County before being recruited to Loudoun to coach Soccer and Swimming.  After 12 years at Blue Ridge Middle School, he migrated to Harmony Middle School where he teaches English 7.
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    Block 1:  Planning (IT)           
    Block 2: English 7H  
    Block 3:  English 7H          
     Block 4: English 7A
    Block 5:  English 7A           
    Block 6:  Planning (CLT)
    Block 7:  English 7A            
    Block 8:  English 7H
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