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    Riverside Rams! Donna Celio
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    Mrs. Donna Celio has been a marketing teacher/coordinator in Loudoun County since 1994. Mrs. Celio previously taught at Stone Bridge High School for 16 years and Broad Run High School for 6 before joining Riverside High School in 2016. She currently teaches Marketing and Introduction to Business and Marketing. In addition Mrs. Celio assists with the Ram Shack school store and DECA. 

    Mrs. Celio holds an undergraduate degree in Marketing Management from Virginia Tech. She worked in industry for five years before returning to Virginia Tech to earn a Master's degree in Vocational and Technical Education (known today as Career and Technical Education).

    My 2018-19 Schedule:

     1st Marketing Coop and Non Coop  5th Introduction to Business and Marketing
     2nd Introduction to Business and Marketing  6th MarketingCo-op/NonCo-op
     3rd Introduction to Business and Marketing  7th Planning
     4th Common Planning  8th Coordination
    Office Hours:  Mrs. Celio is available for additional assistance before school most days (8:30-9:00). Please see Mrs. Celio or email her by 4pm the previous day to set up a time. 
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    Department Grading Policy Department Reassessment policy
    Grading Policy: In the CTE Department formative assessments will be 10% of the grade and summative assessments will be 90%.  Students will receive a 10% deduction per block for late assessments or assignments with a possible maximum score of 60% after 5 blocks.

    Reassessment Policy: Students have two blocks to schedule a retake or make up without penalty for an excused absence. Students will be required to complete some form of remediation or study time to be eligible for a retake. Please note that retakes will not always be the same exact test/project.  Students will receive the higher of the two grades up to a maximum of 84%.

    Extra Curricular Positions
     DECA, Ram Shack