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    Bonjour tout le monde!
    I was born and raised in Clermont-Ferrand, France, and I am thrilled to be teaching my native language! I look forward to an efficient and fun fourth year at Riverside High School.
    After my Baccalauréat in France, I moved to the United States to attend the University of Virginia, where I received my Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Sociology, as well as a Master of Teaching in Secondary Education. Prior to teaching French at Riverside High School, I have worked as a preschool French immersion teacher, a High School teacher in North Carolina and Fairfax County, and as a middle school teacher at Smart's Mill Middle School.
    When I am not in the classroom, I love traveling, running, exercising, learning about geography, discovering new restaurants, and attending my brother's swim meets.
    Please, do not hesitate to stop by my classroom, or contact me via email (mvanwyns@lcps.org)


    My 2019-2020 Schedule:

     1st Hall duty  5th CLT Common Planning
     2nd French 3  6th  French 3
     3rd French 1  7th  Hall duty (L200 hallway)
     4th French 5  8th  Study Hall
     Office Hours:
     I will be available for help before or after school, by appointment.
    French 5 Syllabus
     ~~ Note: Students, I will ONLY respond to your emails when you use your school email. ~~
    ** We will be hosting a group of French students from Toulouse (South of France) from October 8-18th 2019. **
    If you are interested in hosting a French student, please contact me at mvanwyns@lcps.org for more information
    The French students will be going on fieldtrips with their group on most days, but will be spending two days at Riverside, shadowing their "American brother/sister". The French students will spend the weekend with their American family! No need to change your plans/your routine, they are here to see what the American lifestyle is like! :) 



    Announcing our newest scholarship: The Willowcroft World Language Fluency Scholarship that is funded through the Loudoun Education Foundation (LEF). This is a unique scholarship opportunity for current high school juniors interested in developing greater fluency in the language they currently study and to award their language teacher with a monetary grant.

    The scholarship will provide an award of $8,000 to a student and a grant of $2,000 for the nominated teacher mentor. Each high school may submit no more than two applicants for each of the following languages; French, German, Spanish Russian and Chinese.

    A student applying for the scholarship must be committed to pursuing an intensive language study program, at an higher level, while immersed in the language abroad. The student scholarship is non-renewable, non-transferrable, and will be sent directly to the language study program. Scholarship must be used the summer after Junior year (leading into Senior year).

    LCPS high school students will apply for the scholarship in the fall of their junior year by completing and submitting the following to the LCPS Office of World Languages and Cultures to the attention of Ms. Suzette Wyhs, Supervisor for WLC:

    • a scholarship application
    • a recommendation letter from their World Language teacher of the language they wish to achieve fluency, indicating:
      • student’s level of proficiency
      • student’s motivation to become fluent
      • any financial difficulty that should be taken into consideration (this is not the determining factor in awarding the scholarship)
    • a recommendation letter from the student in support of their teacher who they are nominating for the Willowcroft World Language Teacher Grant
    • a high school transcript

    Applications are due to the Office of WLC by October 18, 2019.

    Click here to download the application.

    You MUST talk to Madame VW about this if you are interested! 

    Course Information
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    All my class information can be found in StudentVUE/ParentVUE.
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    Phoenix Gradebook
    Department Grading Policy Department Reassessment policy

    Students enrolled in any of the spoken languages (Spanish, French, & German) will find the categorical breakdown of their quarter grades as follows:


    Formative 10%

    Summative 90%


    World Languages & Cultures Re-assessment Policy

    Riverside High School 2019-20


    Retakes are intended to allow students to demonstrate mastery and have the following guidelines:

    * Students are eligible for a retake only if they have not achieved mastery 

    * Students will receive the higher of the two grades up to a maximum of 83%

    * The retake is a single attempt

    * All work (homework assignments, formative assessments, etc.) related to the assessment have been completed

    * Students must complete remediation prior to attempting the retake

    * All retake attempts must be completed within two weeks after having been returned the original

    * The highest score will be included in the overall grade calculation for the quarter

    * Retakes are NOT offered on skills-based (reading, writing, listening, speaking) assessments, benchmark exams, and county-wide exams (CPAs)

    Extra Curricular Positions
    * LCPS French Curriculum Co-Leader
    * French Club Co-Sponsor