• Welcome!
    My name is Molly Menickelly, and this is my third year (as a teacher) at Dominion High School.
    After I graduated from DHS, I attended The College of William & Mary, where I received my BA in English Language and Literature. I later attended The School of Education at W&M, where I received my Master of Arts in Education. For the 2018-2019 school year, I will be teaching English 10H, 10A, and AP Language and Composition. 
    Documents will be uploaded to Vision, accessible here. If you are the parent of a Titan, feel free to ask me or your Titan for the guest log-in if you want to see what we are reading and studying in English 10 and AP Lang. All syllabi, course descriptions, and readings not found in the textbook will be loaded onto Vision: this means there is always homework posted and accessible to students, regardless of whether or not it was written into the agenda (So if you're a forgetful person, take heart! There's a digital record of homework and classwork). 
    Accessing Vision in English 10:
    • vision.lcps.org
    • log-in using your student ID and password (the new one you created in Titan Time)
    • Search "Menickelly" in the course search bar
    • Select "English 10"
    • Enter the enrollment key provided in class
    • Browse Vision for necessary assignments and announcements before every class meeting.

    If you are new to Vision, please use an email that you access frequently, so you are notified when I send announcements. 

    The DHS English Department page can be found here.
    Any additional questions can be sent to molly.menickelly@lcps.org
    Go Titans!