• Mr. Lupas became a Titan in 2016, coming to us from central Virginia,

    with an experience of fourteen years teaching Mathematics in United States. 


    He graduated Babes-Bolyai University, from Romania, with a bachelor's in Mathematics and Computer Science.

    He also has a Master's degree in Philosophy from the same university.


    The teaching assignments for this year in Titan territory include Algebra 2, AP Statistics and Discrete Mathematics.


    Together with Mrs. Lupas, also a new teacher at Dominion High School, they have a beautiful, smart nine year old girl.


     The schedule for this school year is:


     A Day

     B Day

     P1: Algebra 2 (L110)

    P5: Discrete Mathematics (L110) 


    P6: Algebra 2 (L110) 

    P3: AP Statistics (L305)


    P4: Titan Time (Cafeteria)

     P8: AP Statistics (L305)


    My contact information is:



    Materials needed in class each day:

    •  3-ring notebook divided 
    • graphing calculator
    • pencils
    • paper
    • textbook
    • dry erase marker
    • optional:
      • highlighter
      • colored pencils
      • post-it notes


    Extra Help:

    • Before school help is available at 8:00 on A Days.  Meet me outside room L110.
    • When should you seek extra help?
      • If you were absent and need to make up a quiz or test
      • If you would like an idea explained again
      • If you want to work on your math practice assignments


     Department Web Page Link 


    Gooooo Titans!