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    I am the Transition Teacher at Dominion High School. I teach a Career Pathways class every morning and spend the rest of my day working with teachers and students to develop college and career plans. Links to my professional biography  and class information can be found in the grey box to the left.
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    Professional Background:
    Dr. LaBell has been teaching since 1973. She earned her Bachelors of Education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in the area of Special Education. She continued her professional growth with a Master's  in Special Education from George Mason University, and completed her Educational Specialist degree in Transition and Vocational Evaluation from The George Washington University.

    In addition, Dr. LaBell has served as the President of the Virginia Association for Career and Technical Education - Special Needs Division for the past 8 years. 
    Dr. LaBell has been employed by Loudoun County Public Schools since 1994, serving as a teacher at Park View and Loudoun Valley High Schools.  She was at the inception of the Transition Team, and most recently served as the Transition Evaluator for them.  This is her first year at Dominion High School.
    1st Quarter Syllabus 

    Career Pathways Curriculum

    36 Week Program- Pathways to College and Career Readiness

    CTE: Education for Employment 9085 Development I




    Quarter 1:  Self-Discover

    • Personal Qualities and People Skills CTE:EFE #1-7

    • Professional Knowledge and Skills CTE:EFE #8-17

    • Acquiring Self-Awareness and Self-Advocacy Skills CTE:EFE #34-43

    • Researching Career Opportunities CTE:EFE #48-56

    • Examining All Aspects of Industry CTE:EFE #22-29


    Class Resources:

     Possible Selves
    VA Wizard
    I’m Determined (http://www.imdetermined.org)
    Other assessments such as: Personality or Holland Code can be used
    Parent Resources: 
    Handbook on Transition Planning (https://www.lcps.org/Page/170766 )