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    George Mason University
    Melissa Vallor earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in English and her Master's degree in Special Education from George Mason University. This is her third year as a resource/English teacher at Heritage High School and her twenty-second year of teaching.  She has taught English at the high school level for twelve years and at the middle school level for ten years.
    She loves teaching ninth grade.  Mrs. Vallor has two wonderful little boys, and if you ever want to make her smile, just ask her about them!  She will also be sponsoring the chess club again this year. 

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    Click on the link below to take you to our class's Vision Course.  Homework will be posted on the calendar and resources will be found in the main body of the course.  Guest access for Parents will use the following password to login:  PrideVision


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    See the linked guide below if you need help accessing Vision.

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    A1-English 9 with Stephens, Rm. 309 B5- English 9 with Moore, Rm. 611
    A2-English 9 SC, Room 212 B6-Planning
    A3-English 9 with Moore, Rm. 611 B7- English 9 SC, Room 212
    A4-Planning B8-English 9 with Stephens, Rm. 309
    Courses above are linked to online learning environments housed collectively in Loudoun County's Vision Site.  Course information, homework, and other forms of communication will be housed in these locations for each Heritage teacher. 
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