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Dr. Istvan Foldesi

Hello and welcome to 8th grade Civics and Economics and to my webpage! I am Hungarian by birth and American by choice. Having graduated and earned academic degrees from European universities I worked in senior positions in government and business. During the last couple of years I found a true and noble calling: teaching. I lectured at different institutions, taught AP history, AP government and religion, and successfully prepared my young scholars for the best colleges of the country, but first and for most for Life.


The purpose of education is to prepare our children for future challenges after school and to create an environment, in which students are happy and eager to study, and learn from their teachers and classmates. The core of this goal is to give students the necessary knowledge, skills, and to develop a sense of citizenship, which will help them contribute to the improvement of our communities. 


Having brought up three children and caring for my fourth, young people have always occupied a special place in my heart. I vividly remember their teenage years which required a great deal of patience, understanding, time and energy from all of us. As a result of these efforts they have become happy and valued members of our society and I want the same for my students. I shall spare neither time nor energy to get to know my students so that I can help them, as teenagers, who go through their formative years. I will be there to help assist them to achieve their life dreams and to grow to the best of their abilities and desires.