•  Welcome to
    Ms. Kante's 3rd Grade Class
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          I can't believe this will be my 6th year as a Golden Dolphin! I am so very excited for another year of fun and learning! I have my masters in Early Childhood Education and my bachelors in English. My family is originally from the Ivory Coast in West Africa. I am fluent in French and am currently trying to learn a little more Spanish. I began my teaching career in the preschool sector then transitioned to the 2nd grade. When I am not eagerly waiting for my letter to Hogwarts, I enjoy having adventures with Saphi, shopping, watching Columbo, listening to NPR, pretending to be a master chef, crafting, and reading. I am a proud mama to my little muggle Saphira (Saphi) and my cat Miku. I look forward to getting to know you all and to an amazing and successful year!
    A Little More About Me:
    Favorite Color: Pink 
    Favorite Candy: Skittles, Sour Patch Kids and of course chocolate
    Favorite Book:  It is impossible to choose just one, but Harry Potter is very high on the list
    Favorite Movies: All Disney movies
    Favorite TV Shows: Columbo, Murder She Wrote, Law and Order
    Favorite Stores: Amazon.com, Target, AC Moore, Home Goods, Walmart, Barnes and Noble, and Books a Million
    Favorite Drinks: Coffee and anything from Teavana. 
    Other Favorites: All things bitmoji, Korean food/coffee/dramas, all things Harry Potter, Disney, Beaches.