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  •  English 6 Teacher

    Ms. Daly
     B.S. Psychology and English
    Virginia Tech
    Shenandoah University
     Harmony Hornet
     Jean Daly
    Welcome to Ms. Daly's  English class!
    I am very excited to be part of the Harmony community for a seventh year and look forward to a wonderful year!
    I have a BS in English and Psychology from Virginia Tech.  After a career in Human Resources and Management, I obtained my teaching certificate from Shenandoah University.   I am currently working towards my Masters in School Librarianship through Longwood University.

    Supplies - you need to bring to class every day

    • A book of your choice to read
    • a pen or pencil
    • your planner
    • your charged Chromebook
    Grading and Homework:
    Homework is weighted 8% of the grade. All other summatives will be weighted 92%.
    Reading is a nightly homework expectation. To ensure students are completing their reading and thinking about their reading, the graded homework assignment will be questions students must respond to in writing, asking them to process the class topics and apply them to what they are reading independently. These responses will be used to prompt discussions in reading conferences with students.  Additionally, there will be vocabulary packets to complete at home for homework.
    Late Work 
    Late assignments will be penalized. Your grade will drop 1 point for each day it is turned in late. Please make every effort to turn work in on time.  See me if you know you will not be able to complete an assignment on time.

    Make-up Work 

    In keeping with the school policy, for each day you are absent from class, you will have one day to complete missing assignments.  Each student is responsible for obtaining and completing their make-up work.
    Retake Policy:
    All writing is open to revision. To improve a student’s score, he/she must apply individual feedback from the teacher to the revision. The original rubric with teacher comments must be turned in with the revision.  Reassessments are available at teachers discretion for D's and F's.  All assignments must be turned in prior to reassessment.  Some form of remediation must be demonstrated.  

     Course Information
    Google Classroom - You will need a class code.
    1st Block - Planning
    2nd Block - Academic English
    3rd Block - Honors English
    4th Block - Honors English
    5th Block - Honors English
    6th Block - Academic English
    7th Block - Planning
    8th Block - Honors English
     Class Resources
    The assignment calendar for this class is also located by the tabs on the left side.  Please click on the calendar to see when projects are due, tests or quizzes given, and any other special events going on in class.
    Current Grades
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    38174 W Colonial Highway Hamilton, VA 20158

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