• Dr. Amy Re

    Amy Ré

    Dr. Re's interest in education is rooted as far back as her high school years when she started tutoring students with special needs.  Her interest in education started with a bachelor's degree in special education from Florida Atlantic University and continued through earning her doctoral degree from Shenandoah University.  Her doctoral dissertation explored the Biology of Learning and the dynamic co-emergence of creativity and mindfulness. Dr. Ré has two decades of experience in the field of education and is passionate about inspiring all students to strive to their maximum potential. Dr. Ré is thrilled to be part of the vibrant Loudoun Valley Vikings family and enjoys coaching/co-coaching multiple Destination Imagination teams. Dr. Ré and her husband of 30 years have two children, both of whom attend Virginia Tech. 

    Degrees and Certifications:

    AA. Palm Beach College (Elementary Education)

    B.A.. Florida Atlantic University (Exceptional Student Education)

    M.A.. George Mason University (Educational Leadership)

    ED.d. Shenandoah University (Organizational Leadership)


    COVID-19 School Closure Contact Information

    All students will be receiving an updated Remind code by LCPS.  Remind codes are class (or group) specific.  Only the people in the group can communicate with one another.  You should receive new Remind Codes for each of your classes by Monday, March 30th.  


    Google Classroom is another great way to connect with me and/or your other teachers.  Starting Monday, March 30,2020 Google Classroom pages will contain weekly Hyperdoc lessons.  They will also provide more information on ways to connect with your teacher. You should already be enrolled in a Google Classroom for each of your classes.  


    Goole Meet is a virtual meeting app.  In some instances, teachers may hold a virtual class meeting using this platform. Stay tuned for more information about this.


    If you have not received a Remind code or if you need a Google Classroom Code for one of my classes, please email directly.  Email is still the fastest way to communicate with me.  I will aknowledge and/return all emails within 24 hours.



    I hope eveyrone is doing well and staying safe!



    Contact Information:


    Phone: 540-751-2400 (Temporarily Unavailable)

    Email: Amy.Re@LCPS.org