• For questions regarding facility use, please e-mail our Student Engagement and Activities Coordinator at Kira.CadangKristan@lcps.org

    For general information about Community Use of Loudoun County Public Schools Facilities, please click here: Community Use of School Facilities
    This site is intended for non-Riverside High School (RVHS) users who are interested in hosting an event in our building.
    NOTE: If you are associated with a Riverside High School-based activity as a school faculty/staff member:
    1. Please review the RVHS Activity Calendar to select the date(s)/time(s)/location(s) of your event by ensuring there are no potential conflicts.
    2. SCHOOL-BASED ACTIVITY with NO FUNDRAISING / OUTSIDE ORGANIZATIONS INVOLVED: Please see your department chair to complete facility use requests in School Dude/FS Direct.
    3. SCHOOL-BASED ACTIVITY with FUNDRAISING/OUTSIDE ORGANIZATIONS/GENERAL PUBLIC INVITATION INVOLVED: Please e-mail Kira.CadangKristan@lcps.org to move forward on scheduling your event.
    The following are the general rules and regulations regarding facility usage in Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) and specifically at Riverside:
    A. Who Sponsors Special Events Involving LCPS?
    • Schools/Educational Groups
    • PTA/PTO/Booster Organizations
    • Church Organizations
    • Non-Profit Civic, Community, & Governmental Groups
    • Loudoun County Parks and Recreation
    • Non-Profit Organizations
    B. LCPS Special Event Instructions
    Step 1. 60 days prior to the event: The Event Organizer shall submit a written proposal to Ms. Kira Cadang-Kristan, RVHS Student Engagement and Activities Coordinator (Kira.CadangKristan@lcps.org), outlining the “who, what, when, where, how, and why” details of the requested special event. Non-school groups wishing to host an event on school property must first register at the LCPS Facility Use portal found here: LCPS Facility Use Portal
    Step 2. 30 days prior to the event: If the Riverside HS Administration approves moving forward after consulting with RVHS Faculty and Staff and additional LCPS personnel, the Event Organizer shall complete and submit the LCPS Special Event Application to LCPS Procurement Services. This form can be obtained through Ms. Cadang-Kristan or downloaded using the link below.  All documents should be emailed as PDF attachments to Kira.CadangKristan@lcps.org.
    IMPORTANT: LCPS Special Event Applications MUST be received by Procurement a MINIMUM OF 30 DAYS PRIOR TO THE EVENT DATE to ensure timely processing.
    C. Who Approves Special Events Involving LCPS?
    All Special Events involving LCPS at Riverside HS shall ultimately be approved by Mr. Anderson, the school principal, prior to moving forward. LCPS Procurement Services shall review all LCPS Special Event Applications and shall refer unusual activities to the appropriate LCPS Director of Education for final approval. LCPS Procurement Services’ role is to provide advice regarding risks, review contracts for liability, identify and assist with the necessary permit and insurance requirements, and monitor all special events involving LCPS, whether on or off of school property.
    Please direct any questions regarding the use of Riverside High School to:
    Kira Cadang-Kristan at Kira.CadangKristan@lcps.org  
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Last Modified on August 30, 2023