• SOL Testing Information Spring 21

     Testing Day Reminders

    Remember on Testing Days!

    • Get a good night's sleep the night before.
    • Make sure to turn your chromebook off and charge it the night before.
    • On Testing Day, bring your fully-charged chromebook and a book to read. 
    • Eat a good breakfast and arrive at school on time.
    • Students must use an LCPS issued device to take SOL tests.



    Here is important information for all student groups DL (students attending classes virtually) and HL (students attending face-to-face.) You can find our testing schedule linked on the calendar below.  Please note information relating to the administration of all SOL tests during the month of May below.  If you would like to exercise your parental rights and not have your child participate in the SOLs, the information is included at the end of these testing details. SOL Opt Out Information

    General Information – ALL Students

    • Testing will start at 8:45 each morning. Students will not be allowed to enter the test session if they are excessively tardy.  Students in any instructional model (distant or hybrid) must attend school in person to participate in SOL testing.
    • Lunch is provided to all students free of charge during all testing days (Mondays included).
      • HL students will eat during their normally scheduled lunch shift
      • DL students will be provided lunch before being dismissed to busses at 12:50
    • SOL tests are not timed, but students are required to finish the assessment the same day they start the assessment.
    • What to expect and what to bring for all SOL testing sessions.
      • BRING:
        • A full charged LCPS issued Chromebook. Power off the Chromebook the night before and place it on charge.
        • A book to read when the assessment is completed.
        • A writing utensil (pencil)
      • EXPECT:
        • To get a good night’s rest prior to the assessment.
        • No personal devices are permitted in the testing locations.
      • Transportation is provided via LCPS busses. Bus information has been uploaded into ParentVue for DL students.  Busses will depart Harmony Middle at 12:55 on Mondays to bring students home after testing.
      • Expedited Retakes will take place June 1-4 for all subjects needing a verified credit (Algebra and Geometry).

    Distant Learning (DL) Students:

    All DL students will take their SOLs on Mondays during the month of May. 

    If a DL student is unable to take the SOL on the given Monday, they are allowed to take the assessment Tues-Fri of that week during the scheduled HL makeup sessions.  LCPS transportation is not provided to DL students Tues-Fri, and DL students will need to rely on parent transportation to pursue this option.

    Two makeup days are built into the Monday testing schedule: Reading makeup (all grades) on May 10 and another cumulative makeup day for any SOL, on May 24.  DL students may also attend any one of the makeup sessions May 25-28.

    In-Person (IP) Students:

    All IP students will take their SOLs during their days they are attending in person instruction at Harmony.  IP makeup sessions are the day following the scheduled assessment day in the calendar below.  Also, IP students can makeup SOL assessments May 25-28.

    REFUSAL---ALL Parents/Students

    Students in any instructional model (distant or hybrid) must attend school in person to participate in SOL testing.  While we encourage all students to participate in the assessments, we understand that some families may have concerns about the in-person testing requirement. Parents who do not wish for their student to participate in state and/or federally mandated assessments may indicate their refusal by using the link below.  The county level email regarding Parent Refusals noted that all refusals must be submitted prior to April 9.  Due to many families wanting more information to make this decision, we will be accepting Parent Refusals through April 28.  You may also contact Harmony Middle School’s Testing Coordinator, Patrick White.

    Permission Click - Parent Refusal SOL Testing

    • What are the repercussions of refusing grade level SOL tests?

    There are no negative repercussions for refusing a grade level SOL test. Refusals do not impact a course grade, promotion, or course placement. Refusals also do not impact high school course selection, diploma options, and are not shared on high school transcripts/college admissions documents. Make up testing would not be offered and is not required.

    • What are the repercussions of refusing high school level SOL tests?

    There are no negative repercussions for refusing high school level SOL tests; however, failure to take an SOL test may delay the student from acquiring the necessary verified credit for their diploma. Students whose parents refuse testing this year may take the test next fall or may skip the test altogether and take the SOL test associated with the next course in the progression.

  • Harmony Hornet   Harmony Testing Information 2021

    Loudoun County students take two "standardized" tests during the year, MAP and the Virginia SOL (Standards of Learning). If you have any questions or can't find what you are looking for, please contact Mr. Patrick White

    Forms - SOL Opt Out Form Parents who wish to opt their children out of a SOL test may do so by filling out the SOL Opt Out form

    MAP - The Measures of Academic Progress Growth Test (MAP) is designed to measure students’ readiness for learning specific content and skills and academic growth over time.  Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) students in grades 2-8 will take the MAP Reading and Math Growth tests and high school students enrolled in Algebra I and Geometry will take the corresponding MAP test. For more information, please visit the LCPS MAP Testing Site. These tests are given three times per school year. Please refer to our Testing Calendar.

    SOL - The Standards of Learning (SOL) for Virginia Public Schools establish minimum expectations for what students should know and be able to demonstrate at the end of each grade or course in English, mathematics, science, history/social science, technology, the fine arts, foreign language, health/physical education and driver education. SOL ensure that students across the state are taught the same content at nearly the same time. Cumulative, annual assessments – SOL tests and alternative assessments – provide information on individual student achievement. All Harmony students take the SOL for math and reading each year. In addition, 8th graders take the following tests: Writing, Science, and Civics.  Students who take Algebra 1 and Geometry take the end of course tests for those classes as well.  Refer to our testing calendar for specific dates. For more information from Loudoun County, please visit the LCPS SOL page.

  • MAP