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SOL Review Games and Activities

Students, please read these instructions first:

  1. Students are reminded that they may only play the games listed BELOW with TEACHER PERMISSION at school.
  2. Students may not play the other unapproved games found elsewhere on or any other Web site.
  3. The links open in a new window. Close the window when you finish the game and click on another link on THIS page.
  4. The games listed below are games and SOL prep. resources that reinforce LCPS curriculum. Please remember that if students do not follow the above guidelines at school, it may become necessary for us to remove the games from the school approved list of SOL review sites.



SOL Information and Practice for Multiple Subject Areas:

  Social Science:
  Language Arts Games:
  Language Arts (8th Grade SOL):    
  Fun Math Skills Review Games:
  HS Math:    
Physical Science: Biology and Earth Science
  Foreign Language and ASL
  Test Taking Help