•  Mr. Weitlich  
    Mr. Weitlich is a Nationally Board Certified Teacher.  He enjoys teaching STEM subjects and has teaching certifications in Middle Ed: Science, Middle Ed: Mathematics, Gifted Education and Secondary Technology Education.  Prior to teaching at River Bend Middle School, Mr. Weitlich worked for Hampton City Public Schools.  

    Graduate Certificate in Gifted Education
    M.S. in Instructional Technology
    B.S in Technology Education 

    Awards and Recognition:
    National Board Certified Teacher (2014)
    Teacher of the Year (Eaton MS 2012-2013)
    Professional Organizations:
    Virginia Technology and Engineering Education Association

    Personal Life:
    Mr. Weitlich is happily married with two daughters named Brielle and Addison.  He also has a dog named Bentley.  His hobbies include cycling, computing, and anything that involves building something new!

    Phone: 571-438-4415
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