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 BYOT stands for Bring Your Own Technology, and is an initiative for students to bring their own Internet-enabled devices to school. Devices that allow the student to create content (e.g. laptops or tablets) and that have a keyboard are best suited for our students. Phones or other devices that connect to 3G or 4G networks are not recommended as they can connect to open (unfiltered) networks. All devices should use WiFi to connect to filtered school networks as necessary.  
LCPS has selected Algonkian Elementary as a phase three school for the county’s Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT).  For our school, the initiative will began in Fall of 2016 with oufifth grade students. Students participating in this program agreed to an "acceptable use" contract regarding technology. Your child's teacher will give the exact date when her class will begin.  Students  who have submitted their signed Acceptable Use Policy, may, at the discretion of their classroom teachers, begin to use their own technology for academic purposes in the classroom.   Students will connect their devices to Algonkian’s wireless network, and use them for academic purposes only.  In the near future, BYOT will be common in all LCPS schools. 

Students who do not bring devices will be provided with a device to use in the classroom, which ensures that all students will be able to participate.