• Summer Assignments for AP & Other Advanced Courses

    Summer 2017
    A Links to individual courses will appear below when information is received from the teacher. For questions regarding the summer assignments themselves, or specific requirements for a particular course, contact the teacher listed for that course.  Please note that teachers may not be checking email regularly over the summer, so please be patient when waiting for a reply.
     Assignment  Teacher Contact  Comments
     AP Biology  Mr. Harty  
     AP Calculus AB    
     AP Calculus  BC    
     AP Chemistry    
     AP Computer Science    
     AP Economics    
    11th grade class

    Ms. Konkoski

    Mr. Tibbens

     AP English (Literature) 12th grade class

    Ms. Buckley

    Ms. Toner

     AP Environmental Science    
     AP French    
     AP German    
     AP Phys Summer Assignment Manning    
     Independent Science Research (ISR)    
     AP Physics  Mr. Manning  
     AP Psychology    
     AP Spanish    
     AP Statistics    
     AP Studio Art  Ms. Knight  
     AP US Government    
     AP US History    
     AP World History    
     Math Analysis    
     Teacher Cadet