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  • Mercer Annex at John Champe High School

    41535 Sacred Mountain Street

    Aldie, Virginia 20105


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    Contact Information

    Angelique Mackey - Annex Secretary


    Annex Rotating Administrators

    Monday - 


    Tuesday -           Megan Casterline - Counselor 

    Wednesday -      Heidi Miles - Counselor 

    Thursday -          Kara Beckman - 8th Grade Dean 

    Friday -               Nick Cottone - 8th Grade Assistant Principal 


    Click Here for August 2016 Presentation Info


    Click Here for Student Cheat Sheet


    Main Entrance for Annex

    Door A6: The door is located to the left of John Champe High School's main entrance.

    For access into the Annex, please locate the video call button to the left of Door A6.  

    You will need a photo ID for access into the building.



    Mercer Annex Bell Schedule


    Student Online Lunch Orders for B Day

     Use this link to place your order:

     Orders must be placed before 10:00 am to be accepted by the cafe.


    Shuttle Bus Information

    Run-times are  from 9:10 am until 9:25 am and from 3:05 pm until 3:28 pm


    Student Late Arrivals and Early Dismissals

    • Students must use the computer in the Annex office to sign-in or out. 
    • All pre-arranged bus passes/early dismissal notes/monies need to be turned in at Mercer before departing for Champe.
    • Late Arrival after 9:05 am – Bring your child directly to Champe.
    • All early dismissals from the Annex must be completed by 2:45 pm.  After 2:45pm - pick-up your child from Mercer.  
    • Parents, please send your child to school with a note that has your child's full name, the date and time of the late arrival or early dismissal, as well as the reason.  This will help expedite the process and help us to maintain accurate attendance records on your child.


    Early Morning Assistance

    If you have arranged early morning assistance with your child's teacher(s) before regular Annex school hours, please direct your child to sign-in at the Annex front desk before they meet with their teacher.  This will help maintain accurate attendance records for you child.