• Phases and Milestones 


    The Capstone will be a year-long project divided into discrete milestones that will be completed throughout the year, culminating in the presentation of the project portfolio to the Capstone Committee, classmates and to Freedom Faculty and Staff.


    Phase 1 – Preparation

    •   Milestone 1 – Parent Student Acknowledgement Form Completed by 10/04/2019

    •    Milestone 2 – Website Creation

    The student will create an online presence using weebly or another free web-hosting site. The entire project will be available to the student's Government teacher by 10/25/2019.



    •   Milestone 3 – Capstone Blog

                The student will maintain a blog as a tool for tracking and documenting progress, as well as for reflection and self- evaluation on the Senior Capstone experience. An initial blog post will be done by 11/14/2019.



    • Milestone 4 – Statement of Intent

             The student will construct a statement of intent which outlines the project and highlights areas of resultant personal and academic growth. This Statement of Intent will be submitted to the Capstone Committee for approval by 12/06/2019.




    Phase 2 – Research

    •   Milestone 1 – Mentor Selection/Mentor, Parent & Student Agreement/Fieldwork Timeline -- 2/21/2020
              The student will select a mentor and construct a tentative timeline for the fulfillment of the fieldwork requirement.  
               Parents will be required to sign-off on this plan.


    Phase 3 – Project Implementation

    The student will spend a minimum of 50 hours outside of school on the project. During this time, the student will post daily to the blog detailing the work. The blog postings will include pictures and/or videos as verification of work completed.  5/18/2020 - 6/03/2020.



    Phase 4 – Presentation


    • Milestone 1 – Video Portfolio 6/03/2020

               The student will create a video portfolio that will be a compilation of the year’s efforts.



    •   Milestone 2 – Presentation to the panel and classmates (Total 10 minutes including Q&A)  6/04/2020

              The student will give an explanation of their project to judges, who will have an opportunity to ask a follow-up question.  At the same forum, classmates and Freedom Faculty and Staff will also have an opportunity to talk with students and view their video portfolios.




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