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     Seeking  Educational Alternatives to Reach and Challenge Higher-Level thinking skills  

     The Loudoun County SEARCH program provided to all  K-3 grade students, focuses on critical thinking skills and is designed to foster a classroom environment that encourages students to develop an excitement for learning and discovery. SEARCH teachers work within the classroom to stimulate curiosity, practice problem solving strategies, incorporate higher level thinking, and to identify students with exceptional ability. During the lessons the primary classroom teacher makes observations to gain insight into the students' various skills, strengths, and learning styles. Both teachers work cooperatively to recognize and develop the potential for excellence in each student. The SEARCH teacher is available to assist in the development of lesson plans and activities that promote higher level thinking, model or provide tips for differentiating instruction, and to offer enrichment to students who have been formally identified for gifted services.


    You can email me at Jaimelee.Mills@LCPS.org



    While I am out on maternity leave (return date TBD in January), please direct any questions about SEARCH to Mrs. Kniskern at kimberly.kniskern@lcps.org. I'll miss the kiddos, but I feel great knowing that they are in great company and have a wonderful instructor!

    If you have a question about eligibility for 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade, please direct those questions to our GATE coordinator Jessica Mainhart at jessica.mainhart@lcps.org. Please include your child's name, school, and grade when reaching out to her. It will be very helpful so she can more quickly and directly answer your questions.