How will PBIS benefit our school?

     PBIS offers:

    · A proactive and consistent approach to school-wide discipline which will assist in improved student achievement.

    · The staff the opportunity to be involved in the decision making process. (Shared leadership approach)

    · Teaches and reinforces appropriate behaviors.

    · Provides data to assess needs and make informed decisions.

    · Provides increased feedback and support to staff.

    · Creates consistent language and expectations across all school areas 

    Ultimately, PBIS implementation provides a decrease in addressing challenging behaviors which thereby increases overall instructional time. 

    How are school decisions made?

     PBIS involves the entire staff

    · The staff decides what the focus will be

    · The staff decides how to proceed

    · The staff decides what the goals are

    · The staff decides what to do to get there

    · The staff evaluates progress

    · The staff decides whether to keep going or change


                             What is Loudoun County’s Commitment to PBIS?

     · Coordination across the district

    · Funding (stipends for teachers, etc.)

    · On-going coaching support

    · Follow-up training and consultation

    · Evaluation

      What is the School’s Commitment?

     · Administrative leadership

    · Staff investment

    · Completion of staff self-assessment survey

    · Participation in 3-day summer training

    · Completion of an action plan

    · Identification of a coach

    · Monthly team meetings

    · Data collection and monthly reporting


    What are the steps my school needs to take to become a PBIS school?

     · School staff demonstrates 80% commitment to developing a plan

    · School team applies research-based best practices when developing an action plan based upon schools’ unique needs

    · Components of the plan are taught to both students and staff

    · School team meets regularly during the school year to plan and review student progress

    · School data is used to drive decision-making


     How long will it take for our school to have full implementation?

     Generally schools take between three to five years to achieve full implementation within schoolwide, classroom, non-classroom and individual systems.


     How does PBIS fit in with other county initiatives, such as Character Education?


    Character Education, a Virginia state-mandated program, holds that widely shared core values – such as caring, honesty, fairness, responsibility, and respect for self and others – form the basis of good character. Schools that implement PBIS decide on three to five overarching expectations that define their school and serve as a framework for developing a teaching matrix for all school areas. These expectations are generally, respect, responsibility, caring, honesty, etc., which correlate very effectively with Character Education. The PBIS school team decides how PBIS will serve as a framework to integrate Character Education and other school initiatives