• You be the Chemist Club

    Ms. Cademartori, Avyukth Nilajagi, Simrith Ranjan, and Madhuri Sosale
    Meeting Dates and Location:
     Thursdays 3:30 to 4:20 (First meeting is Sept. 27)  Room A-5
    Club Description:
    You Be The Chemist® Club prepares students for the You Be The Chemist® test taken in February by using study material provided by the You Be The Chemist Challenge® Association. The club will meet on every other Monday (activity buses available) from 3:35 to 4:25 pm, starting September 25 and ending February 12. Students Avy Nilajagi, Simrith Ranjan and Madhuri Sosale along with Ms. Cademartori, run the club using a game show format. Each week, members will be taught a certain section of the packet, and when they come back for the next club meeting, they will be quizzed on that knowledge through a game show format, as well as being taught the next section of the packet. Nearing the You Be The Chemist® test, there will be a review to prepare members for the test. Being in this club provides members the opportunity to prepare for the You Be the Chemist school challenge; however, it does not guarentee a spot on the Eagle Ridge team for the regional challenge.