There have been many questions raised about our resource practice of assigning PODs (Problems of the Day).  In order to answer any questions or concerns, below is a  “POD Information Sheet”.  Please review the document, and contact me directly if you should have any questions.


    The POD has been implemented in the resource classes to provide enrichment, extension, and support of the core curriculum.  PODs are not new, but have been implemented differently this year.  PODs are a part of the overall resource program in which there are a number of activities that take place.  The hierarchy for work during the resource block is as follows:


                    1.  Work that is completed directly with the classroom teacher

                    2.  Work that is placed in the student’s resource folder

                    3.  Work that is self-selected by the student which includes homework

                    4.  PODs


    PODs are designed by the classroom teacher to present a problem or pose a question that is directly related to the curriculum that has been taught.  They are created to require a student to apply the content in meaningful ways.  They often differentiate to allow for different learning styles.  They are intended to take about 15 minutes to complete.


    The first marking period there were initially three PODs assigned per core subject area.  We have decreased that number to two.  There will be continue to be two PODs per core subject area for each subsequent marking period except for the final marking period.  Each POD will have a specific start date so that they are not distributed to students until after classroom instruction has taken place.  All PODs will be due by the end of the marking period, but may be turned in at any time, and may be taken home to complete if necessary


    Initially, we had made the expectation that PODs will be graded, however the implementation has not had the fidelity that we expected.    Therefore, the weight of each POD will be changed in the teacher’s gradebook to a “0” and will not factor into the student’s overall grade.  Subsequent PODs will be considered formative assessments, graded using the four-point progression scale, and will not have an impact on the student’s overall grade.


    Please know that our vision for the resource period is to be a place where students are both supported and challenged in a fair and equitable environment.  Our efforts to increase the efficacy of resource is one that we will continue to monitor so that we can meet our core commitment of “Self-Improvement”.


    If you should have any questions or concerns, please contact Mr. Will Waldman, Principal at either will.waldman@lcps.org or 571-252-2030